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Quotes Eslabon Jewelry Design is the place for your jewelry needs. Orlando is a great jeweler. He can custom-make tasteful jewelry for you or work to make a reality an original design of yours. His work is truly amazing! He also does repairs (broken chains, pendants, sizing rings, etc.) Quotes

Quotes Loved the finished product of my redesigned ring. Wonderful customer service. Quotes

Quotes I brought in a sterling silver ring to be repaired (the band was broken) and sized (it was too big). I was advised the the band was very thin and should be replaced, but that the original silver could be used (this ring was passed on to me after my grandmother's death and I was very happy to know that more of the ring would be original). I was given a very reasonable price and told to expect about a week turn around. TWO DAYS later, I received a call that it was ready and I picked it up today. It's PERFECT. The new band was made to look just like the original, but a bit thicker on the bottom to be a bit stronger, but it's exactly as I remember it looking when I was small and my grandmother wore it all the time. Thank you so much for your amazing service!! I'd absolutely recommend Eslabon Jewelry to anyone, especially for silver jewelry or silver repairs. Quotes
Amy Sader-Brown
happy customer